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  1. Pure Sine wave with a voltage regulation of 97 % and at a frequency of 50 Hz .
  2. Peak generator efficiency of  95% .
  3. Self consumption of the inverter is as low as 3 W.


  1. Robust in design and functionality.
  2. Capable of taking high surge currents for starting and operation of inductive loads like motors, Air Conditioners , Heaters, Fridge etc.


  1. Built-in Solar charge controller allows you to connect solar modules directly to the generator.
  2. Plug and play system ensures that system is easy to install.
  3. System monitoring is provided by easy to interpret indications which allows for easy management and maintenance of the system.

Intelligent Battery Management

  1. Four stage charging ensures high charging efficiency and longer battery life.
  2. Switch mode settings for sealed and tubular batteries ensures optimal charging based on the type of battery.
  3. Inbuilt Equalisation Mode ensures proper maintenance of batteries by destroying sulphate deposits on the battery lead plate.
  4. ‘Low Voltage Disconnect’ avoids deep discharging of batteries which reduces their cycle times.


  1. The system can operate as a battery charger, a solar power generator and as an Uninterrupted Power Supply.
  2. Grid Charging is possible through both automatic and manual modes to ensure maximum flexibility.
  3. Transfer time is as low as 12 ms between Inverter and Grid mode to ensure power is uninterrupted.


  1. Galvanic isolation between the DC input side and AC load side.
  2. Built-in DC and AC heavy duty input breakers allow a safe and quick disconnection from the DC or AC circuits.
  3. Short circuit protection, battery protection, overload protection and over-temperature protection ensures safe running of the system at all times avoiding risk to life and property.





Smart 6000

Electrical Specifications


Continuous power (Pnom) @ 25°C


Surge Rating @ 25°C

18000W (5sec)

12000 W (15sec)

Idle Consumption

< 5 W

Solar P.V connected

6000 W

Solar Charge Controller Rating

100 A dc

Output waveform

True sine wave

Peak  Efficiency


Transfer time

< 15 ms

AC connections

AC grid or generator

AC input / pass through current

1 - 50A dc

AC Input voltage range

180 – 250 VAC

AC input frequency range

45 – 65Hz

AC output voltage range

220V – 240 VAC


50 Hz +/- 0.1 Hz

Total Harmonic Distortion

< 3%

DC  operating range

43.2 – 64V dc

Charging Type

PWM 4-stage

Max. Charging current (Isc)

120 A dc

Max. PV open circuit voltage (Uoc)

92V dc

Operation mode for Auxiliary Contact

Auto / Manual

Power factor corrected charging


Nominal DC input voltage

48 VDC



AC/DC Short-circuit

automatic disconnection

AC/DC Overload

automatic shutdown

Over temperature

automatic shutdown with automatic restart (after cooling)


AC power cut off

Batt. Reverse polarity

DC fuse protected

Battery Input Circuit breaker

200A dc

DC battery fuse

200A (10x 20A )

AC Input Circuit breaker

50A dc

DC solar input fuse

3x 40A dc

General Specifications


Dimensions (H*B*L)



      100 kg






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