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Green Audit Solutions from Anu Solar Power

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Solar energy is the most abundant, easy and cost effective renewable energy to harvest. It’s not just a sense of responsibility towards the environment, but legislative compliance too that should propel you to explore and leverage renewable energy like that from the sun. Solar voltaic panels can be non obtrusively placed on the roof of your building or home, it can help you reduce your demand for expensive polluting energy generated from fossil fuel, and considerable reduce your monthly energy bill.

Important to remember is that while the initial investment may be high, the renewable energy system be it a solar water heater or solar powered LED lights can last for up to 15 or 20 years. The maintenance on this infrastructure is low and soon, the solar energy harvesting system begins to pay for itself.

Are you wondering if your home, housing colony or company could be used to harvest the energy of the sun?

Anu Solar Power has 27 years of deep domain expertise in developing world class solar energy products, from solar water heaters to solar powered LED lights. Call us to conduct a Green Audit of your location.


Our Green Audit Solution Involves

  • Extensive understanding of current situation
  • Analysis of data gathered to locate areas of improvement
  • Detail report on areas for improvement and optimization. Our report includes budgets so you understand your total cost of ownership and investment commitment

Since we research, develop, and manufacture an array of world class solar energy products, Anu Solar Power can help you take your green audit to the next level and implement it too.

  • We can provide your home, housing colony, company or institution energy-saving products
  • Improve distribution routes and systems to reduce CO2 emissions
  • Train your staff to manage the installation
  • Put in place processes to monitor and maintain the infrastructure
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Going green has never been easier. Call Anu Solar Power for your green audit now.

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