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Solar Powered LED Lights from Anu Solar Power

A developing country like India has a huge energy deficit and with the number of appliances per home increasing, and growth of industry, this deficit can only expect to widen. One of the ways to light up your home or industrial premise, be environmentally friendly and also keep recurring monthly bills at bay is to leverage the tremendous yet untapped benefit of solar powered LED lights.

Solar powered LED lights can be used both indoor and outdoor, they are water proof and an LED bulb can last for up to 50,000 hours or 11 continuous years. This makes the initial higher investment well worth it.

Advantages of solar powered LED lights

  • LED lights operate at an efficiency of 90% as compared to incandescent bulbs which operate at 5%
  • They are a great opportunity to reduce your dependence on the state energy grid
  • Substantial reduced energy bills
  • Low on maintenance, they have a lifespan of 50, 000 hours

Discover the benefits of solar powered LED lights

Anu Solar Power specializes in manufacturing LED lights. Our products are assembled at our state of the art manufacturing unit in Bangalore thru cost efficient indigenous technology. Our products are tested for compliance with the highest benchmarks in the industry, which means you have access to world class products.

Since our R&D facility has indigenously developed the technology you can access these LED solar powered lights at cost effective rates. They are great option to light up your garden, housing colony, institution and commercial or industrial areas. Recently, our solar powered LED lights are seeing a huge demand in rural parts of the country.

Our list of solar powered LED lights include

  • Street lights
  • Indoor Lighting
  • Garden lights
  • Home lamps

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