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The brainchild of Mr T. J. Joseph, Anu Solar Powertraces its founding spirit back to the early eighties,when the nationalistic, selfless entrepreneurial spiritwas at its shining best.

The abiding force behind Anu Solar Power is the desire for India to be energy sufficient, and to harness a clean, renewable energy for economic growth. Thismotto has led to the development of a host of indigenous renewable energy products like solar water heaters, LED lights and solar inverters.

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Welcome to Anu Solar Power

Anu Solar Power has been around for nearly three decades, and has had extensive and intensive exposure to the growth and development of the renewable energy sector in the country. The organizations founding fathers share a deep commitment to develop world class renewable energy products for the Indian masses, at affordable rates. One of the few companies with a significant and highly accomplished R&D team, Anu Solar Power has developed and customized a host of products, from solar water heaters, LED lights and solar inverters for the Indian scenario.

We offer flat plate, and evacuated tub collector solar water heaters for both domestic and industrial use. Our range of LED lights are assembled at our state-of-the-art factory in Bangalore, and our solar inverter is one of the finest in the industry.

Anu Solar Power pioneered a new method of deploying solar water heaters in homes when we launched I-Hot in 2009. The pay as you use concept, allows consumers to access hot water at an astounding15 paisa per unit, thus making solar water heaters highly accessible to the growing population.

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Customer Experience Centres

anu world


 ‘Anu World’ is our effort to take solar power solutions closer to people by partnering with dynamic and enthusiastic entrepreneurs to open Customer Experience Centers that will sell solar-based products and solutions. At Anu Solar, our decision to franchise was based on our values and the intersection of three very important

business objectives:

  •  We wanted to be closer to our customers –Many of our customers requested us   to open stores      so that they could experience the entire product range.
  • We wanted to extend our successful, direct to customer approach to reach all parts of the country.
  • We wanted to share our extensive experience in solar products with aspiring entrepreneurs, brimming with enthusiasm and the passion to succeed.


Anu World will be ‘One stop’ store where solutions are provided for customer’s requirements through our range of products at substantial value proposition and assured after sales support. We invite you to partner us in opening ‘Anu World’ in

various cities and towns of India. The venture would provide for a unique and fruitful opportunity to be a franchise of our products and solutions and benefit from the soaring demand for solar-based solutions. Anu World will be the first of its kind store offering energy saving solutions in a retail format.

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